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said he met walker's alternate personalities


Tuesday we went touring with Thumbs up and Julia Max and Kerry from Son of the Sun. Yep 9 people crammed in a mini van. Everyone except me and Ivan went down steep hill sides with stairs or walked a ways nfl jerseys china

 back. Ivan had twisted his ankle so I stayed and read my book and visited with him. That night we all went to the Falala Fa for awesome Wahoo fish and chips. Wednesday night we had happy hour on board Tender Spirit, which is a 32 foot monohull. Not a lot of room but we were very comfy. Thursday night we all meet at the yacht club for a fish and potluck bar-b-que. Everyone showed up. Victory Cat, Tinder Spirit, Thumbs Up, Julia Max, Honeymoon, Brick House, Dosur, Bagahara, Follow You Follow Me, Wayward Wind and Kalalua. We served up by feeding everyone with the last of our Spearfish and then Wahoo streaks.


I grinning like Borat - Niiiiiiiiiice! Okay, back to the rest of the happenings at the museum. Of course you know I had to peep the current artwork that on exhibit there at the museum. I strolled through the contemporary section and what do I run into but a peice of work by artist Bill Viola. Viola was one of the artists I researched in order to write about in my 8 hour long comprehensive exam for the masters program in Art Education. I simply did not realize how powerful his work truly is until I saw his work in person. There were two plasma screens on display that appeared to be transparencies of a man and a woman with a backlight in the box. However, while I was reading the description, I authentic football jerseys

noticed that the man and the woman faces appeared to be submerged in crystal clear water. All of a sudden the man and the woman slowly pull their faces out of the water, showing their distorted image through the shimmering water - fascinating. As the two faces hovered above the crystal clear water the images of the two faces shifted into what appeared to be two faces of an older man. All of a sudden, I could hear someone talking into a microphone: and gentlemen. Thank you for coming to our gathering. Maura began her pitch to promote the play that will be showing in Montgomery and gave times for when the production will be in Birmingham. All in all, an interesting day.


Musburger was raised in Big Timber, a small Montana city midway between Bozeman and Billings. His father, William, was a broadcaster for college sports games in the 1930s,1940s, and 1950s. William Musburger also broadcasted at the 1948 Summer Olympic Games in London, England and the 1952 Summer Olympic Games in Helsinki, Finland. He was an umpire for minor league baseball during the 1950s. He was also a boyhood friend of former Major League pitcher Dave McNally. In his column in that paper, Musburger famously referred to Tommie Smith and John Carlos as "black-skinned storm troopers" for their protest of racial injustice in the United States with a Black Power salute on the medal stand during the 1968 Summer Olympics. Asked about his comments decades later, Musburger granted that his words, which likened Smith and Carlos to Nazis, were "a bit harsh", but he stood by the core of his criticism of the pair's action: i wanted to be happy and eat what i wanted